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ClickBump Theme has been meticulously hand crafted with speed as the guiding core principle


It has been that way since version 1.0 and now with Version 6.5, speed has improved by orders of magnitude still. So, the world’s fastest theme, just got faster.

How Does ClickBump Theme Achieve Such Incredible Pagespeed Scores?

The secret is in the markup. Right click on the page and choose “View Source” to get a glimpse of what makes ClickBump so fast. Speed is in the details.

You can tell right away that this is no ordinary theme.

The source code markup is different from what you are used to seeing. Its clean and free of extraneous markup. Unladen of scripts and spaghetti code in the head.

The second key is the way the theme is written. We’ve taken the Yahoo Site Performance Best Practices to heart. Here’s the checklist that ClickBump Theme adheres to:

  • Stylesheets are combined, minified and optimized – All styles are loaded into the head section in one master, minified, optimized and compressed CSS file. Most themes include multiple CSS files, which creates an extra burden on the server and impacts page speed. ClickBump combines all CSS, theme, skin and user defined Custom CSS into a single file, resulting in lightning fast page loads.
  • Scripts are loaded in the footer – We take all .js scripts and combine them into a single, compressed and minified .js file. And we load that file into the footer, adhering to best practices for speedy sites.
  • Images are served from CSS sprites – ClickBump theme’s core images are all contained in compressed sprite files. This minimizes http requests and results in faster page loads and higher pagespeed scores.
  • ClickBump skins are created using Object Oriented CSS – ClickBump theme utilizes skin.css files to give each site a unique look and feel. These skins are created using clean, optimized CSS that’s written to be extremely compact and efficient.

In addition to these core coding standards, ClickBump makes it very simple for Webmasters to manage and create their sites by providing intuitive user controls. For example, after building your site with ClickBump’s JumpStart Pro “one click” sitebuilder, you can customize your entire site without leaving the Widgets manager.

Using incredibly powerful custom menus and custom categories widgets, along with handy slider, social and author box widgets, ClickBump owners have incredibly powerful tools at their disposal.

And you can rest assured that no matter how fancy your site becomes, the core markup will remain ultra clean, fast and search engine friendly.

About the Author

My name is Scott Blanchard. I am a web software publisher and the creator of "ClickBump". I live in Birmingham Alabama with my wife and our two children. When I'm not coding wordpress or spending time with my family, I enjoy playing guitar, driving with the top down, good coffee and frequent beach trips.

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